Your Guide to 4k TVs

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The latest leap in entertainment technology has been 4K TVs, also known as UHD or Ultra HD TV. Tech savvy entertainment consumers are marching to grab this latest entertainment system as soon as they can. However, some of you may still be confused about what the 4K TV actually is and why it has been the center of attention in the entertainment world.

What Is A 4K TV?

4K TV has been regarded as the next big thing after the HDTV and Blu-ray. The sharpest picture quality ever created, 4K televisions have been created to provide a viewer with a crystal clear display and razor sharp images for the ultimate visual experience. Whether it is the screen brightness, the deep colors or detailing of the images, a 4K TV is an epitome of televisions in terms of quality.

The best way to appreciate the picture quality of a 4K TV is to compare it side by side with an ordinary HD TV.The 4K boasts as incredible picture resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This adds up to about 8 million pixels in totality, which is 4 times higher than any HD TV out there(hence the name).

The sharp detailing on an Ultra HD TV is so good that your eyes will be deceived into imaging the picture in 3D sometimes, without the requirement of any 3D glasses. This indulging visual experience has made 4K TV quite popular among the masses, compelling every large manufacturer (Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic and others) to roll out their own version of 4K televisions. Most of the 4K televisions are produced in sizes above 40 inches since the image quality and detailing can’t be appreciated on smaller screens.

Why You Need One:  

  1. The 4K TVs have the kind of image detailing that is more realistic than anything before it. This is the most amazing visual entertainment experience that money can buy.
  2. These kind of TVs are not just a trend that will die off, it will continue to grow and develop just like the HDTVs did.
  3. While 4K technology may seem overwhelmingly expensive for the results it gives, buying a good 4K TV can cost you about $500 online.
  4. This visual entertainment technology does not only act as a secondary 3D environment, but can act as an entire 3D entertainment system which is much more impressive than the standard 3D TVs.

Why You Should Wait:  

  1. Almost all of the 4K TVs available come in large sizes, which can be a setback for people who would like to buy it for their bedroom or a small apartment.
  2. The price of a 4K television may be reasonable considering the technology is relatively new, yet it is still a premium price compared to the HD TVs.
  3. Since the 4K technology is quite recent, the 4K visual content is quite rare. You might have to wait several years before receiving cable in 4K resolution, and right now the library of movies and shows available in the format is relatively small
  4. Despite increased resolution and pixels, the color clarity is about the same for 4K TVs as HDTVs.


In all, 4K televisions seem set to follow HDTV’s as the device to have in everyone’s home. However, for an alternate point of view, there’s a great article over at cnet describing the shortcomings of 4K televisions.


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