What Are The Best Streaming Music Services?

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The idea of streaming music has been around for a long time, but online recently has picked up the pace. For example, 2013 saw a significant increase in online audio streaming, while music download sales registered their first decline ever. Streaming seems like a strong contender for the future of music sales. With ever-connected internet devices becoming more common, several prominent media companies have launched services for reoccurring subscriptions rather than one-time purchases. The following are some of the best subscription music services available today;



This is arguably the company that kicked off the big music streaming subscription revolution. It features a good interface, music recommendation and platform support and the Spotify Connect feature that allows connectivity to a variety of audiovisual products. This music subscription service offers 320 kbps playback to its premium subscribers. It also offers high fidelity streaming and a robust 20 million song catalog with social networking options. The subscription fee is $10 a month.


Beats Music 

A more recent competitor, Beats has become one of the best subscription music services today. One of the best features about this service is that its playlists are designed and made by human beings not robots, so it’s great for exploring new artists and songs. Additionally, it has a feature that allows you to browse through new releases each week and a list of music that is broken up across over 20 genres. Monthly fee is $10 for an individual or $15 for a family plan allowing up to 10 devices.


Google Play Music

This music subscription service allows you to upload up to 20, 000 songs to the cloud, where they are accessible to all your devices. It also gives you access to its 20 million song catalog. It allows you to listen to the songs offline, create a playlist of your own and also create themed radio stations. Uploading some of your own library, and listening to select songs from the Play library, is free but if you want extra features and full song catalog you will have to pay $10 a month.


iTunes Radio

Although Apple does not offer an on-demand music service, it is impossible not to mention iTunes when talking about music online. If you would like to buy music online or to simply update your local library on your Apple device or Apple TV, iTunes is a necessity. By paying a subscription fee of $24.99 a year, you can stream music anytime you want. You also gain access to Apple’s impressive catalog of up to 26 million tracks.



Grooveshark, launched in 2006, is the godfather of streaming music servicesIt offers a vast catalog of music through a simple user-friendly web interface. It also allows you to upload your own MP3s, fiddle with recommendation algorithms obtained from user’s rating of songs and even see what your friends have been listening to. The good news is that it is completely free. However, all content is user-uploaded, so most popular artists and songs aren’t on the service.




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