The Bill Cosby Scandal – An Idol Falls Before Our Eyes

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Sometimes we see our idols fall before our eyes. The same is true for the recent Bill Cosby scandal. Everybody loved Uncle Bill, he was a household name, and he was a veteran comedian. Until, that is, he was a rapist. Yes, indeed.

It’s a sad fact but it’s getting increasingly hard to keep a track of the allegations of rape cropping up with alarming speed against Bill Cosby. The media seems to be having a right old field day with the newer allegations cropping up and the old ones resurfacing after decades of trying to muffle them down and ignoring them.

All in all, 16 cases of rape have cropped up against Bill Cosby in total, a staggering 12 of which involve the claims that Cosby drugged them in order to accomplish his desires.

Even though it isn’t confirmed but more than one source has claimed that thirteen of the alleged sixteen victims are the women who had previously testified against Cosby in 2005 anonymously. The lawsuit was later settled out of court.

The timeline of these accusations span from the mid-1960’s to the early 2000’s. Cosby has been the butt of many jokes ever since these cases came under new light. And call it a drip-drip effect but with every passing month, new women are coming forward who claim that they remained silent due to fear of not being believed but are coming out now because they might be heard too.

The most disturbing thing about this wave of accusations is perhaps, Bill Cosby’s criminal silence. His legal team has done much to dispel these rumors but unless and until the comedian himself comes forward, the public will keep on demanding Cosby for an answer. Until now, all that Cosby has said has been a cryptic, ‘A fellow doesn’t have to answer to innuendos’.

The storm started in October when comedian Hannibal Buress took to the stage and mocked Cosby’s respectability by calling him out as a rapist. The clip quickly went viral and the house of cards came crashing down on Cosby as his most bitter accusers, artist, Barbra Bowman went ahead and gave an interview to the Daily Mail.

Of course, now times are much different from before as the Internet got hold of various pictures of Cosby and turned them into ‘memes’, all with captions depicting the good ol’ uncle as a rapist.

This was by no means the last we heard of Barbra as she wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post entitled, ‘Bill Cosby raped me. Why did it take people 30 years to believe me?’

Bowman claimed that only because a man, comedian Buress had called Cosby a rapist once did people actually start believing Bowman and the numerous other women who had come forward with pleas against Cosby. Bowman demanded to know why people couldn’t believe her, a woman and why did it finally take a man coming up and speaking to get people to believe her.

This is when the Cosby situation spiraled out of control to new heights. Right now, investigations are being held and the case may go either way. Stay tuned to find out more.


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