The Best Streaming Video Services

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Within the past decade, streaming videos has become quite popular. With unlimited number of videos available for streaming and multiple companies offering these services, it’s easy to see why DVD has been displaced on the home entertainment options list. It will also not a surprise if it supersedes cable TV in future. With modern computers, game consoles, mobile devices and even specific brand TVs, it’s easy to access video streaming services. This article will outline some of the best streaming video services available for movies, music, TV and more.



The company that popularized streaming of movies and TV shows. Established in 1997, Netflix first delivered physical media for a while before venturing into video streaming. Without even considering the company’s original productions such as House of Cards, Netflix has by far the most massive content library of any streaming video services. The full library is available just $7.99 a month. For maximum convenience, it’s accessible with streaming boxes, smart phones, smart TV’s, gaming consoles and any other device you can think of. The only downside to Netflix is that sometimes the latest movie take slightly longer than their DVD release to make it to the service, and some titles never make it at all. Still, it has the strongest overall library so far, and is getting better every month.


Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon only started offering streaming services a few years ago with the establishment of Amazon Instant Video. For a relatively new company, their video library has grown quite fast due to partnerships with major production companies like Warner Bros. Keeping in mind that Amazon Instant Video is part of the Amazon Prime bundle that costs $7.99 a month or $79 annually, which also includes a large library of books and music. This also comes with free two-day shipping on all Amazon orders, so its a great deal even if you already subscribe to Netflix or another service. Just like Netflix, APIV is available on all kinds of devices.


YouTube Movies

YouTube is the world’s go-to site for home movies, but not everyone knows that it also offers rentals and sales of full movies. The site offers mostly free content, but you can also rent and purchase movies and videos for a small price. Rent fee ranges anywhere from $0.99 to $3.99. On demand movie purchases can be made for as low as $9.99. It all is available through the familiar YouTube player and instantly accessible, so no need to download any special programs.


Hulu Plus

Hulu is the right service for those who are eager to watch new releases as soon as they air. Being a joint between Disney ABC, NBC Universal and Fox Broadcasting, their content library has blossomed over the past few years and the pride themselves on putting episodes of your favorite shows on air within 24 hours of their premiere. Unlike Amazon and Netflix that tend to get a series after a complete season has finished airing, you’ll get new episodes shortly after airing. Like YouTube, Hulu has a comprehensive library of free content, while for $7.99 you get access to the paid content on Hulu Plus. The service is available on smart phones, computers, game consoles and streaming boxes.



This list will be incomplete without the mention of Apple’s streaming service. Over the years, their library has grown from accommodating MP3 content to videos. Users can either rent or purchase movies/videos on a pay-per-content basis. Despite access to a massive content library and varied purchase options, ITunes is only available on limited devices. The app can be downloaded to most mobile and computer devices, but only a streaming box that’s Apple TV. Costs are often higher than competing services as well.


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