The Best Internet Exclusive TV Shows

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The online TV space is geared to be more vibrant in 2015 than ever before. The quality and intricacy in internet exclusive TV shows is increasingly catching up to cable as big players like Netflix up their game, and budgets, in pursuit of exclusive content. The number of players and the level of competition is set to rise as previously sleeping giants such as Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and Crackle among others wake up to roll out their own original content that is bound to give the existing players such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon a run for their money. here are a few of the best shows so far that have been released as internet exclusives.


House of Cards

This Netflix-produced TV show has two seasons now, each with 13 episodes. It is based on a BBC miniseries and takes viewers to the back corridors of sex, corruption and greed as witnessed in modern Washington DC. Think Mad Men times 100 for the modern era; the sleaze is sleazier, the action is harder, and the sex is steamier in this world of intrigue. Directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, House of Cards became the first streaming series to win a Primetime Emmy nomination, and has now pocketed several awards previous exclusive to TV series. Critics agree, this is the highest quality online TV series as far as production, acting and directing is concerned.


Mozart in the Jungle

Directed by Roman Coppola, Mozart in the Jungle is an Amazon Prime exclusive web series that stars an A-List cast including Malcolm McDowell, Gael Garcia Bernal, Bernadette Peters and Saffron Burrows. It is based on Oboist Blair Tindall’s memoirs and chronicles her time when she was playing top gigs in New York City and everything that transpired behind the scenes. This tagline is Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music, and it delivers on it’s premise in spades.


Behind The Mask

This is a Hulu Original that does not require you to be a die-hard sports fan in order to enjoy its thrilling story line. This online TV show brings to the fore the intriguing lives of the people inside the mascots of your favorite sports teams. In this documentary series, you will learn the stories of high school, college, semi-professional and professional mascots that are far more compelling than you could image. The reason why this is a must watch in 2015 is because in its first season it managed to earn an Emmy nomination for the most creative and well planned show in the Outstanding New Approaches in Sports Programming category. A second season is in production now.



This is a YouTube exclusive TV series that is particularly targeted at vampire fanatics. It is a modern retelling of the gripping gothic novel of the same name. The story is told from the perspective of Laura, a college student trying to piece together a puzzle to explain the mysterious disappearance of her roommate. Carmilla, Laura’s replacement roommate, turns out to be a high-profile lesbian vampire. The acting and the story line will definitely keep you glued to the screen.


Some other notable shows online include After Hours from Cracked, Burning Love from Yahoo Screen and High Maintenance from Vimeo.


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