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The Best Internet Exclusive TV Shows

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The online TV space is geared to be more vibrant in 2015 than ever before. The quality and intricacy in internet¬†exclusive TV shows is increasingly catching up to cable as big players like Netflix up their game, and budgets, in pursuit of exclusive content. The number of players and the level of competition is set to rise as previously sleeping giants such as Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and Crackle among others…


Will The Interview Spark A Wider Interest In Digital Releases?

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Back in December Sony Pictures cancelled all showings of their spy-comedy The Interview due to violent threats from hackers who took offense to the plot and content (and in particular the depiction of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un). In the film, two journalists score an interview with the reclusive leader but before they leave, they get a visit from two CIA operatives who convince them to assassinate the controversial head…


What is Google Fiber?

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In 2011 Google launched Google Fiber, a new super-fast internet network that would eliminate buffering and make slow loading times a thing of the past. They have started slow, and are currently only available in Kansas City, Austin, and Provo, Utah, but recently Google announced that it had invited 34 more cities to determine how they could benefit from the service. A massive rollout seems scheduled to happen sometime in…


What Is Fiber Internet?

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At the physical level, fiber internet is a technology that broadcasts internet data using light signals that pass through fiber enclosed in a cable. A fiber optic cable is made up of a bundle of glass threads that are capable of broadcasting messages modulated onto light waves.   What are the Differences Between Fiber and Other Types of Internet Options? Speed The biggest difference between fiber internet and other internet…