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The Associated Press

Doctors fear Texas bill barring gun ownership status in medical record may stifle health talks

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Dr. John Porter examines Connor Russell, 8, during an office visit Tuesday, March 31, 2015, in Richardson, Texas. The Texas Legislature is considering a bill that would forbid doctors from listing on medical records whether a patient is a gun owner. The measure is meant to prevent government agencies from accessing the information. Some pediatric doctors say the law could prevent them from ascertaining the health or environmental dangers a…

Own Beautiful and Healthy Skin

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Own Beautiful and Healthy Skin Who does want healthy and glowing skin? But our skin takes the maximum hit due to our lifestyle, improper diet and tensions of everyday life! Lack of Vitamins lead to skin conditions. If our skin does not get the required nourishment, it is bound to desecrate.  Skin needs various vitamins which are absolutely essential for a healthy blemish free skin. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin…

Safe and Working Hair Product For Natural Hair Makes Hair Healthy

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Introduction Are you worried for hair loss and damage? Here is a set of fine products that offer glossy and beautiful hair. A complete picture of hair care and its health can be taken by using simple and natural items. Natural Products are Worth Using Few lotions and oils are manufactured, including petroleum and artificial gels. To avoid damage to the healthy hair, prefer only natural products. At times, a…

Weight Loss Surgery – Is It Healthy ?

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From a social perspective: As the press and entertainment sectors can often be found promoting self-image messages and what may be regarded the ‘norm’ (perhaps even offering up the ‘ideal’ image that is sought by the masses), a message that can often be secondary, tertiary or even hidden deeper in an underlying fashion is one that may be unattainable by some, weight loss surgery in haryana. Proper Health Knowledge &…

Why massage is good for your health?

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The massage is not only in luxury spas and upscale health clubs. Today massage therapy is provided in clinics, hospitals and even airports. If you are never tried massage, know about is health benefits. Most of the people would agree a massage makes them feel good. But many of them don’t realize how good a regular massage makes them feel good. The massage therapist in SPA has to implement their…

Best Diet Plan for Healthy Skin

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You are assured of getting a healthy skin if you take a rich and nutritional diet. There are various nourishments gives you a shining skin that makes others look at you for the second time. Several specialists have composed more on this theme and it is for you to pick a right diet for a glossy skin. The fruits and vegetables mixed diet plan make your skin healthy and read…

6 Benefits of Camphor for Skin, Health and Hair Care

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Camphor holds its own value in Hindu rituals and traditions and soothes our nerves owing to its distinct refreshing aroma. Apart from this, camphor has also been effective for health, skin and hair care. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of camphor. Prevents Skin Irritation Camphor can be used as an effective treatment for skin irritation and itching. Camphor cures the problem when applied on the affected…

Tips for Amazingly Healthy and Shiny Hair

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Hair is aptly said to be the crowning glory. While a good hair day makes you feel like a supermodel straight out of a shampoo commercial, bad hair day wants you to hide inside your house. Be it a man or woman, healthy and shiny hair is the desire of every individual. Nevertheless, thanks to the stressful lifestyle, erratic working and eating schedules, inadequate sleep and pollution, our hair have…