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In the world of torrents and the sites that host them, things tend to change quickly and drastically. When it comes to file sharing, one has to be able to keep up and check the news from time to time as the MPAA and other organisations are forever on the hunt.

If you’ve been using the Internet for a while now you might remember torrent sites like Torrentspy (a gigantic portal where you could find almost everything) or Demonoid (one with a tight-knit community where you lived by your share ratio). Many of the sites that emerged in the early 2000’s are now gone or shadows of their former selves but some endure and other, newer ones emerge to take their place.

While file sharing and bittorrent are perfectly legal protocols for file sharing, remember that copyright laws are binding, and illegally downloading content can have real consequences. We recommend using these sites only for legal content.


The Pirate Bay

Unless you’ve been living under a rather large rock, you’ve probably heard of The Pirate Bay. Its founders were always vocal about piracy in general and what they think about copyright laws in particular. When they weren’t busy loudly promoting Internet piracy, they made plans to move their server in orbit. While their stance has put them in jail for the moment, the site lives on thanks to contributors and volunteers continuing their work.

As torrent sites go, The Pirate Bay is the most battle-hardened of them all and accordingly one of the most visited, with roughly a billion page views in the span of only one month. Its design is outdated but highly functional. You can find almost anything, be it music, movies, games or ebooks but the community’s feedback on torrents isn’t as good as other sites. Also, because of its sheer size, malware sometimes lurks in the shadows, so do be careful.


Kickass Torrents

What an appropriate name for the site that registered the steadiest increase in users and content in the last couple of years. Kickass, or KAT, arrives in second when it comes to traffic, one step behind The Pirate Bay, but it also offers features that the Swedish giant doesn’t.

For one, its design, although simple, is very user friendly and gives out great information on what you’re planning to download. There are separate tabs for user feedback (which is reliable and plentiful), trailers (for movies) and other technical info. Its home page shows a list of the most popular torrents of the hour, all nicely divided into their categories, all for your browsing pleasure.



Another veteran of file sharing, Extratorrent managed to survive after needing to change domains multiple times. Again, don’t expect any bells and whistles when you visit, torrent sites are not meant to be pretty, just functional, stable and to contain whatever it is you’re looking for. And that’s exactly what this site achieved.



If you’re looking for series to binge on while procrastinating to an unhealthy extent, look no further. EZTV specializes in television content. The latest episode of any show you can think of usually is online within hours of airing on TV. EZTV has a twin brother called ettv, but unlike the first, ettv’s content can only be reached through your usual torrent sites, like the ones mentioned above.



In a rather short period of time, YIFY reached axxo levels of fame by releasing great quality copies of movies. From the most atrocious slasher flick to Oscar contenders, YiFY tries their best to share them all in 720 or 1080p. Their content is also available on other torrent sites.


Gone are the days of Internet free-roaming. You might have noticed that Google went to great efforts to ruin successful torrent searches. Alternative search engines like Duck Duck Go might be more useful for seeking out torrents. Also, if you live in a country in which these torrent sites are blocked, you can make use of a proxy or simply access a mirror.


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