In Touch Weekly’s Faux Pas Sheds Light on Troubles of Being Transsexual on Reality TV

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We’re sure no one missed the badly photoshopped photo of Bruce Jenner circulating around the internet depicting him as a woman. Perhaps it was a slow news day or maybe the magazine felt that it could safely pass the whole thing off as a joke but the backlash was much more than anyone could have expected. Sure there was the expected outrage from Jenner himself with Kim weighing in as well but the whole media backlash has set us all to thinking. Is being transsexual easy anywhere?

First thought to be a ploy to raise the declining viewership of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it seems that now the rumors have been confirmed and Jenner is indeed going through a sex-change.

The news has received a rather mixed set of response as a lot of people have spoken up against the decision but according to Kim Kardashian herself, the Olympian is as happy as the woman has ever seen him, or her.

Talking to media, Bruce Jenner confessed that he was indeed opting for a sex-change operation and would like to be addressed as Bridgette from now on. However, In Touch Weekly’s cover is still under discussion as most people encouraging Bruce call it to be ‘sad’ and ‘cheap’ to put it subtly.

Pro-Trans rights activists are in outrage over the fax pas on the magazine’s side.

Kate Bornstein, pioneer transgender rights activist and author of the best-selling book, Gender Outlaw has been especially vocal about the whole affair. She condemned the shaming of trans-genders as a whole and said that it was sad that if Bruce Jenner has to undergo so much bullying, how can anyone else ever hope to be safe?

Depicting Jenner in bright pink lipstick and a lurid shade of blush, In Touch Weekly’s cover photo went viral for all the wrong reasons. Transgender rights organizations have expressed rage over the photo and are claiming it to only add to the fire against Trans people and spreading transphobia.

Mara Kiesling of National Center for Transgender Equality spoke to media and said that the whole thing was simply shameful. She commented that as a transgender herself she knows how hard it is to deal with the whole ordeal on a personal level without media interference. She said that from the photoshopping of Jenner’s face on to a woman’s body to putting on makeup to writing headlines that suggested that Jenner’s coming out as a transgender was a shock was an abomination and those held accountable should be ashamed of themselves and issue a public apology.

A lot of people are speculating that if Jenner’s news got such a response and had to undergo such bullying, what might become of the rest of the community? The question is thought-provoking that though the matter might be resolved in Jenner’s favor on the media, who is going to protect the transgenders worldwide whom no media or big organizations are looking after?


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