Five Reasons To Switch To eBooks

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Since the introduction of the Kindle in 2007, eBooks have taken off with readers, now capturing about a third of all book sales. But despite the gradual ascension of eBooks to popularity, the debate of ebooks vs print books remains heated. While everyone will have personal preferences, and some books may lend themselves more to one format than another, we’ve highlighted 5 reasons to switch to ebooks.

1. Ebooks Are More Portable
While carrying a printed book in your purse or backpack is simple and convenient, ebooks are far more portable due to the fact that you can easily access them from your tablet, smartphone, and even from your computer. Furthermore,  most tablets and e-Readers weigh less than 7.48 ounces, so even if you do bring along a special reader you’re probably weighting yourself down less than an actual book would, especially if you’re working on War and Peace. And of course you can carry thousands of ebooks on a single reader, making it a near necessity for a traveler who would otherwise be faced with a suitcase full of books for a fraction of the selection.

2. Ebooks Are Easily Updated and Upgraded
One of the biggest benefits of eBooks is how easily they can be kept up-to-date with the latest information. In today’s fast-changing environment, information is quickly changing, which can make some printed books date very quickly. Authors have easy and immediate access to writing tools and software they can use to adjust the content of their eBooks to ensure that up-to-the-minute information is provided. This is not possible with printed books, which would require republishing to provide the most recent information.

3. Ebooks Permit Easy Searching
When it comes to ebooks, searching for specific information is a breeze, as you can quickly use the find feature included in all popular e-readers, tablets and smartphones. You only have to type in the word or phrase you want to look for and results will show up instantly. You no longer have to scan each chapter and page to find that tidbit of information or the context for a quotation. This also is very useful for books heavy in footnotes (looking at you, David Foster Wallace), since you can jump back and forth with just the click of  a button.

4. Ebooks Are Quicker to Obtain
Purchasing printed books involves going to the store and spending time looking for them. On the other hand, ebooks are much quicker to find and but, as they can be easily searched for, purchased and downloaded online instantly. Most online stores selling ebooks allow you to look for books by title, by author, by genre, or even by ISBN, which saves mobile device users plenty of time. Moreover, the purchasing process is extremely straightforward, and you gain immediate access to the eBook immediately after the payment has been completed.

5. Ebooks Are Environmentally Friendly
Another very important reason why eBooks are better than printed books is the fact that they do not use up trees to be created and published. Saving forests and reducing pollution from pulp mills helps protect the environment and makes a better atmosphere for everyone. Already, the fact that 30% of book sales are now ebooks has saved millions of acres of forest.


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