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The quest to find new books used to be an arduous task. Sifting through musty books in the library or fighting with neverending towers of books at your local corner store can be both an adventure and a burden. But times have changed considerably and books have never been easier to access thanks to the internet. Chances are you have the ability to access millions at the very tips of your fingers, many for free. We’re living in the golden age of information, enjoy it! We’ve picked a great book for people of all types in the list below.


1. Ivanhoe
Ivanhoe takes readers back into the age of the Saxons and Normans as they fought for control over England. Steeped deep in the mystery and allure of the time, the novel runs off into this lost world leaving you barely hanging on through every twist and turn of the pages. Filled with a rich and vivid account of the time, it can be easy to lose yourself in the story. If you have a love of adventure and a sense of wonder at the lost world, you won’t be able to put Ivanhoe down.


2. The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea is a non-fiction account of the an ancient teahouse in the Orient. It delves into the nature of forgotten tea houses and how they impacted the everyday life of citizens. Bringing the reader back to a more humble and reflective time in human history, you are guided through the life of ancient zen masters and learn how an ancient tea ceremony served as a guide on how to live your life. Anyone who enjoys stretching their mind and routing out purpose is sure to enjoy the art of this novel. For those who want to explore their spiritual side.


3. Familiar Quotations

Familiar Quotations takes you into the minds of some of histories most revered thinkers and doers. The entire book is a collection of much of the greatest human wisdom ever collected, and contains advice on every scenario. Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Wordsworth and more will become your advisers as they share their knowledge and life lessons with readers. Anyone who is interested in bettering themselves and the world around them would do well to read this book. Every page will leave you motivated and awed.


4.The Blue Lagoon: A Romance

The Blue Lagoon is unlike any other novel you’ve read, an anti-Lord of the Flies. Two children are shipwrecked together on a remote island and must learn to survive, thrive, and overcome. Love is found without any interference from the outside world, a unique and breathtaking concept. The Blue Lagoon is one of the few romance novels that will attract both men and women. Anyone who wishes to see what love unadulterated by the outside world looks like, will find a welcome home and refuge in The Blue Lagoon.


5. Rikki – Tikki – Tavi

Rikki – Tikki – Tavi is a childhood classic now made available to everyone in the form of free ebooks. As you follow the adventures and stories of creatures from around the world, it’s easy to find yourself lost in the detail. Children and adults from all areas of life will enjoy the complex themes and rich characters. For adults it offers a time machine to lost youth. For children it opens a world they will never forget.


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