Fitness Tips for Women With Pear Shaped Bodies

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A pear-shaped body must not be considered a challenge as it looks awesome when kept fit and healthy with exercise, care and a good diet. God gives and man maintains; therefore nothing is impossible to be done. Before toning your pear shaped body you must learn few things about such a kind of body. First of all, look for all available options through which you can make your body shape more attractive and good looking without harming your health. Here are few guidelines for shaping and maintaining your body to an extremely fit and smart shape:

Understand the Major Trouble Areas of Your Body: This point is relevant to everybody regardless his/her type of body. Before planning and executing a fitness program one must explore that which parts of body are the problem areas and require more focused efforts. In case of a pear shaped body the lower portion of body has been identified as problem area. Particularly the hips and the thighs are to be concentrated for burning of fats and reshaping them to a desired representable shape.

Review your Dietary Practices and Daily Routine: Another point to ponder before starting a comprehensive exercise or fitness plan, have a critical look over your lifestyle and daily working pattern. Look if most of your daytime is spent in sitting position like you are an office worker or you mostly consume the fatty and junk foods. Note down each and everything on a piece of paper and then identify the most common reason of accumulation of fats on your hips and thighs. Remember, no exercise can work unless the basic reasons are eliminated.

Look for Solutions: If you are really determined to tone your body into a smart handsome shape, you must put in every effort to find the most appropriate solutions for your problem. The best solution is the best suited exercises in combination with a low fat yet nutritious diet plan. While choosing an exercise concentrate on lower body and move step by step from slow to power moves. While your body is not tuned to indulge in high intensity exercises so gradually increase your stamina from lowest level to entire body strength. Must keep in consideration your cardio status and endurance while doing fast and high profile exercises.

How to do it

A strong will is required to get your body in habit of exercise as in the starting days your heavier lower body will never let you move on. The zero stamina at beginning will decrease your motivation but don’t make it your weakness. At start you can go for even a couple of minute’s slow walk and gradually increase it with every passing day. There is no short cut to fitness and it takes quite a long time to reshape your vital body parts. A well planned workout shall help you increasing your stamina if both the strength and cardio are considered simultaneously. Don’t put yourself in trouble and be relaxed; you can achieve pleasant results by doing the workout for four days a week.

Nothing can be perfect with just one try; for getting the desired results in less time you can apply multiple options in a simultaneous style like incorporating essential changes in lifestyle, redefining eating habits, adopting a healthy and balanced diet and at least 4 -5 days of exercise a week.


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