Drew Barrymore Finally Opens Up

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Many people may not be aware of the fact that in a few months drew Barrymore is turning 40.

The actresses started her acting career when she was just 11 months old and her very famous role was in the movie ET which gained her a lot of fame in the world of showbiz. She is now going to leave her thirties and enter her forties.

She said that she is very excited to be turning 40 and she finally feels like she belongs to that age. She doesn’t feel older or any younger than 40. Whereas she always felt older than her actual age all her life. She also mentioned why she felt this way. According to her she had her house and her company in a very young age. Whereas all her life she has seen that other people of her age are working hard for the things that she had achieved way earlier. Her acting career has been the root cause in helping her in earning a lot. The suffering she faced as a child was another reason behind her feeling older than her actual age all her life.

She says that her marriage and kids are great, she couldn’t wish for a better and supporting family. Her husband Will Kopelman, and 2 beautiful daughters, olive, 2, and Frankie 8-months-old help her in making her life beautiful and better.

Drew had a notorious upbringing. She said that her parents were actually never there for her. The reason behind this disreputable upbringing was gaining fame in the world of showbiz in such a young age. This early fame led her to a messed up childhood and emotionally unstable teenage.

She also added that she wouldn’t change her childhood for anything. The reason behind it is that whatever she is today, she is because of the struggles she made in her childhood. The absence of her parents, all her hard work and overcoming the substance abuse is all that which has made her strong today. She doesn’t know what she would ever want to have instead of the childhood which she already had; therefore she doesn’t want to change anything.

She said she wants to give maximum time to her family. Especially her daughters as she knows what it is like to have parents who aren’t actually there for you. She is planning to establish a business in world of beauty and cosmetics where she will be able to give time to her family as well as her work. Also she has no plans for stepping away from showbiz industry as she believes she can handle it side by side with being a good mother and wife. She believes that her kids and family need her the most at this time and she won’t get into any activity or work which will lead her to being distant from her family which she adore the most. She also added that nothing comes easily; you need to earn everything in life. Women can do whatever they want if they struggle and work hard. Nothing is unachievable for women. All we need is to be determined.


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