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What Are The Best Streaming Music Services?

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The idea of streaming music has been around for a long time, but online recently has picked up the pace. For example, 2013 saw a significant increase in online audio streaming, while music download sales registered their first decline ever. Streaming seems like a strong contender for the future of music sales. With ever-connected internet devices becoming more common, several prominent media companies have launched services for reoccurring subscriptions rather…


The Basics Of Building a Home Sound System

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Audiophiles seem to have gone the way of wine connoisseurs in that they have developed terminology and language that only ‘insiders’ seem to know and understand. This can be a little intimidating for the layman. However, the basics of setting up a great home sound system are not that difficult to understand and can be done by just about anybody. It also doesn’t require spending your life savings to accomplish,…


Five Great Youtube Channels To Follow

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YouTube has become one of the world’s most popular websites, home to videos of every kind, from famous filmmakers to six year olds shooting puppet shows, from action to drama to ads. There are channels from every end of the spectrum, so something for everyone to enjoy. We’ve picked of our favorites, with something everyone.   1. Tyler Oakley Tyler Oakley is one of the most famous Youtubers out there. His quick-witted humor and…


Most Popular Torrent Sites

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In the world of torrents and the sites that host them, things tend to change quickly and drastically. When it comes to file sharing, one has to be able to keep up and check the news from time to time as the MPAA and other organisations are forever on the hunt. If you’ve been using the Internet for a while now you might remember torrent sites like Torrentspy (a gigantic…


Will The Interview Spark A Wider Interest In Digital Releases?

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Back in December Sony Pictures cancelled all showings of their spy-comedy The Interview due to violent threats from hackers who took offense to the plot and content (and in particular the depiction of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un). In the film, two journalists score an interview with the reclusive leader but before they leave, they get a visit from two CIA operatives who convince them to assassinate the controversial head…


The Best Streaming Video Services

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Within the past decade, streaming videos has become quite popular. With unlimited number of videos available for streaming and multiple companies offering these services, it’s easy to see why DVD has been displaced on the home entertainment options list. It will also not a surprise if it supersedes cable TV in future. With modern computers, game consoles, mobile devices and even specific brand TVs, it’s easy to access video streaming…