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6 Practical Steps to Learning How to Build a Startup

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Image credit:Pixabay Despite the rush in every academic institution to offer more courses on entrepreneurship, I still haven’t found it to be something you can learn in school. Of course, you can pick up the basic principles this way, but the problem is that the practical rules for success are changing so fast that no academic can keep up. The best thing you can learn in school is how to…

LinkedIn Inks $1.5 Billion Deal for Online Education Company Lynda

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Image | Facebook Back when he was in college, Ryan Roslansky prepared to launch his first online business, but he had no clue how to design a website. To get up to speed quick, he read one of Lynda Weinman’s crash-course web design books and it worked. Now, nearly 20 years later and in a full-circle moment, Roslanksy, LinkedIn’s head of content, announced today that LinkedIn is acquiring Wienman’s…

4 Reasons Why You’ll Never Be a Millionaire, and How You Can Change That

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Image credit:Chris Potter | Flickr Reader Resource Get the working capital your business needs–learn more about Entrepreneur Lending, powered by CAN Capital » Relaxing vacations on the French Riviera, huge donations to your favorite charity and an early retirement. These are the kinds of things people think of when they hear the word “millionaire.” It’s unlikely you’ll ever experience that. Sorry. Unless, of course, you can overcome the following four roadblocks stopping you…

Why You Should Strive to Be a Lifelong Learner

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Image credit:-DiMiTRi- | Flickr Many people wonder what they can do to become well-rounded and competitive while increase their rate of success. An often overlooked yet simple way to improve is to increase your knowledge by being a self-starter. Traditional, structured education is very important, yet much success is derived from highly motivated individuals that have dedicated their lives to the concept of lifelong learning. These individuals prioritize the creation of time in their busy lives each day…

Computers Are Probably Making Us Nearsighted

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Image credit:unsplash My job requires that I spend a lot of time staring at a computer. Nearsighted since middle school, all this screen time has sharply intensified my vision problems. Without contacts or glasses the world is increasingly fuzzy: From a distance traffic lights, which once resembled crushed Skittles, now look more like fireworks. I'm not alone in the blurriness. According to new research from Kings College London, nearsightedness – the inability…


Your Guide to 4k TVs

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The latest leap in entertainment technology has been 4K TVs, also known as UHD or Ultra HD TV. Tech savvy entertainment consumers are marching to grab this latest entertainment system as soon as they can. However, some of you may still be confused about what the 4K TV actually is and why it has been the center of attention in the entertainment world. What Is A 4K TV? 4K TV has…


The Future Of Online Video

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We live in a world and age where the rise of video-on-demand services is all but complete. This surge is complemented by a stronger relationship between physical products, such as home cinema and TV, and the world wide web. Online video marketing has become one of the most important means of promotion and advertising. Moreover, thanks to the technological improvements, such as better home TVs, 4K technology and Google Glass, consumers can…


The Best Internet Exclusive TV Shows

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The online TV space is geared to be more vibrant in 2015 than ever before. The quality and intricacy in internet exclusive TV shows is increasingly catching up to cable as big players like Netflix up their game, and budgets, in pursuit of exclusive content. The number of players and the level of competition is set to rise as previously sleeping giants such as Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL and Crackle among others…