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Is Playing Poker Online Legal?

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It’s easy to be confused about the legality of online poker in the United States; even the judicial system seems to get mixed up sometimes. With the rise of internet gaming and associated technologies, it often seems that courts are playing catch up to the reality of the situation.   The Start Online poker started as early as the late 90’s in IRC channels, and the first sites for real money games…


Why Everyone Needs A Smartphone

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Just a decade ago, a phone was a device used for calls and texts almost exclusively. Over the years, however, phones have become more than that. With the emergence of smartphones, cellphones have become just as much a necessity as leaving the house with your clothes on. Calls and texts are just a few of the functions that a smartphone has. Here are a few reasons everyone should get a smartphone….


What Is Fiber Internet?

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At the physical level, fiber internet is a technology that broadcasts internet data using light signals that pass through fiber enclosed in a cable. A fiber optic cable is made up of a bundle of glass threads that are capable of broadcasting messages modulated onto light waves.   What are the Differences Between Fiber and Other Types of Internet Options? Speed The biggest difference between fiber internet and other internet…


Computer Monitor Shopping Guide

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Whether you are into gaming, movies, video editing, or simply surfing the web, the right computer monitor can make your experience a lot better with amazing definition, ergonomic smarts, versatile connections and much more. The best starting point to finding the perfect monitor is figuring out your needs. Once you decide on what you are going to use it for, you can proceed to choosing the right screen size and…