Angelina Jolie’s Iraq Experience

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There’s been 4 years of constant war in Syria and Iraq and as being a Superior Ambassador of UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie visited Iraq and Syria in order to bring attention of different countries and authorities to the people who are victims of continual suffering in Iraq and Syria. Since 2007, this is the 5th time that Angelina Jolie has visited Iraq, and she said that this was the worst state that she has seen. In the previous visits the suffering wasn’t as intolerable as the one that she came across this time.

Angelina Jolie visited refugee camps and casual settlements where both Syrian and Iraqi people are looking for shelter and refuge. She talked to the people there and their suffering came to her knowledge. She said that in the past four years of war, Iraq’s population is almost gone down to half of what it originally was. Most of them have either died or fled, and most of the people from the remaining population are disabled. The terror caused by the extremist groups has directed to a disastrous state. The people of Iraq have shared their stories of unmatchable suffering with her. The fact that they are struggling so hard to live each day is beyond a normal person’s imagination.

She added that whenever she visits any camp of refugees she tries her best to give support and show solidarity, but this time after what she witnessed and the stories she got to hear left her speechless. The reason behind her speechlessness was multiple stories. One of such story was that of a mother telling that the mothers there are so desperate to be with their daughters and sons that they are ready to accept all the brutality of the people who captured their children, and in return they should just get a chance to see their children. After hearing all this, Angelina herself being a mother of 6, went speechless.

Then she met 8 siblings who told her that their father was killed and mother was missing. Their eldest brother who was just 19 years old is now the sole bread earner of the family. The boy happily told Angelina that his siblings are now his responsibility and he is happy that they are with him in this hard time in answer to Angelina question that he was too young for this great responsibility and this must be really hard for him.

Angelina includes that one cannot blame these people and all these innocent little children when they think that we have given up on them. One can never be prepared to witness such extreme human misery, let alone experience it. She said we cannot let ourselves be immune to the sadness of such tragedy. We all collectively need to end this act of extremists. Syrian refugees are now in their neighboring countries like Jordan and Lebanon. They too have reached their limits as nearly 4 million Syrians are now living in those countries. They need food, shelter, education, jobs and health care, which means that there will be lesser for the local people. Even wealthy countries face problems if 10% of their population increases all of a sudden.


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