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10 Books Every Leader Should Read to Be Successful

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Image credit:Iakov Filimonov | One of the best ways to ensure that you grow as a person and a leader is to read — a lot. Time and time again, we learn that the most successful people are also avid bookworms. Constant reading allows them to absorb knowledge, broaden their worldviews and perspectives and challenge obsolete viewpoints. But of course not all books are worthy of the time and…

The (Booming, Misunderstood, Game-Changing, Potentially Manipulative) Business of Business Books

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Image credit:Illustrations by Viktor Koen This story appears in the April 2017 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Sebastian Rusk always wanted to be a professional speaker. “That’s why I was put on this planet,” he says. “To impact thousands of people.” He hadn’t reached his goal yet, but he had lived the kind of inspirational life that makes for great talks. He’d lost everything in the recession and, with only…

6 Business Books That Will Revolutionize Your Business and Change Your Life

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Image credit:Pixabay Books have the power to change lives. We live in a time when books are more affordable and accessible. Yet, fewer entrepreneurs read books, using the excuse of a lack of time. If you can’t find time to read, you as an entrepreneur will not grow, which will have an effect on your business. If you study any successful entrepreneur, you’ll see one of the keys to their…

How This Self-Published Author Sold 10,000 Books with Almost No Money and Zero Connections

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Image credit:Rob Dircks Last year, I self-published my first science fiction novel, Where the Hell is Tesla?, and sold 10,000 copies in the first twelve months. How the heck did that happen? Was it luck? Because if it wasn’t, how on earth did that many people find out about it and buy it? Did I know something — or someone — special that could influence the outcome? Nope. It wasn’t luck….

The 4 Best Books For Entrepreneurs in 2016 (So Far!)

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Image credit:Shutterstock Entrepreneurs are Renaissance people. To succeed, they have to be interested in multiple fields and the intersections among them. They dive into disparate domains and dig for connections that will make our lives easier and more meaningful. From modern psychology and twentieth-century history to timeless stories and future predictions, 2016’s books on entrepreneurship reflect a breadth of scope and passion. Below are my top choices for books published during the…

6 Books Every Hustling Entrepreneur and Creative Should Read

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Image credit:Shutterstock If you want to start a business, there’s simply no excuse to be clueless anymore. Being the leader of a brand that influences people requires a relentless commitment to bettering yourself. What’s the quickest way to do this? Books. Books are a cheap investment with a potentially infinite ROI. Think about it this way. A world class expert might work for 20+ years to figure something out, completely…

These Videos Will Give You the Summary of Big Business Books in Just 4 Minutes

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Image credit:Book Video Club | Youtube That Elon Musk biography and Peter Thiel's book on startups have been on your reading list for a while. Will you ever get to them? For all you procrastinators, or for those who need a refresher, New York-based Board Studios has created a series of videos that summarize business books in four minutes. In them, an artist's hands are seen taking notes while a…


Five Reasons To Switch To eBooks

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Since the introduction of the Kindle in 2007, eBooks have taken off with readers, now capturing about a third of all book sales. But despite the gradual ascension of eBooks to popularity, the debate of ebooks vs print books remains heated.¬†While everyone will have personal preferences, and some books may lend themselves more to one format than another, we’ve highlighted 5 reasons to switch to ebooks. 1. Ebooks Are More…