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April 2017

Mattel Introduces New Body Types for Barbie

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Image credit:Barbie After years of declining sales and waning interest, Mattel on Thursday introduced new body-type variations of the Barbie doll. Barbie now comes in three new body shapes: curvy, petite and tall. All three sizes are available on Mattel’s website, along with the classic version of the doll. This is big news for the toy maker — "curvy" Barbie is featured on the cover of Time’s latest issue —…

Hey, Book Lovers: Now You Can Smell the Part

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Image credit:Shutterstock If you've ever waxed rhapsodic about "old book smell," or regret that your literary needs are more often than not met by technological means, whether it's an e-reader or audio book, several companies have come up with olfactory solutions for the busy prose lover who doesn’t get to log much time in book shops. All manner of perfumes and candles now come equipped with elements that approximate the…

This Franchise Gives Hair Stylists a Salon of Their Own Without the High Costs

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Image credit:Phenix Salon Suites This story appears in the January 2016 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe » Most hair stylists come out of beauty school with dreams of eventually opening their own salon, with their own clientele, own product lines and décor. The reality? Many of them will never come up with the down payment on a salon. Instead, they’re stuck working for someone else or renting a chair, listening to…