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January 22, 2015


How to Keep Your Hair Healthy Into Your 50’s

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Long, healthy and silky hair has always been the dream and ideal for every woman regardless of her age. It is a common trend that with age, the hair gets shortened in length and weaker due to various reasons. Especially after the age of 45, hair is less manageable and brings an unpleasant effect to overall appearance. Ladies at the age of 50 get more concerned about their hair because…

Oily Skin? Tips for Choosing a Good Foundation

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Oily skin can cause many problems in almost all types of weather. As compared to other types of skin, oily skin needs extensive care. While applying any kind of makeup over oily skin, one needs to have complete information about the effects of such make up. Similarly, pre-makeup foundation should¬†also be applied in a special way. People with oily skin usually encounter many problems, like pimples, acne etc. Generally it…

Fitness Tips for Women With Pear Shaped Bodies

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A pear-shaped body must not be considered a challenge as it looks awesome when kept fit and healthy with exercise, care and a good diet. God gives and man maintains; therefore nothing is impossible to be done. Before toning your pear shaped body you must learn few things about such a kind of body. First of all, look for all available options through which you can make your body shape…